Consultants With Swing

Text: Wilmer T / Mark Knopfler

Musik: Mark Knopfler


You feel a shiver in your heart and you think you´re in the dark, but in time

north of the river you stop, and you save everything

The Telecans can fix it, double your time

You feel alright when you hear their music ring


Well, now you step inside and you see, oh so many faces

Come on in out of the dark to break your problems down

Competition from other places

but come to us, listen to the Teleca-sound

Way on up north, way on up north little London town


You check out hacker George, he knows all the tricks

Mind he´s strictly legitime, he doesn't want to break any laws

This and his master `gree can get you all, and you can afford

Then we turn on all your lights to do our thing


And Harry doesn´t mind if he doesn´t make the scene

he´s got a daytime job, he´s doing alright

He can draw the circuits for you, just like anything

Shipping it out by friday night

We´re consultants, we´re consultants with swing


A crowd of young boys, they´re fooling around in the corner

Sharp and dressed in their best baggies, they know a platforms soul

They don't give a damn about other crappy companies, and

those ain't what they call rock´n roll

Cause they're consultants, yeah these consultants play their role


And then the man, he steps right up to the telephone

and says at last, just as your time bell rings

Got what you wanted, now it´s time to go home

And he has made it fast, then he adds one last thing

We´re consultants, we are the consultants with swing